Saturday, September 24, 2016

Young and Married!!!

Hi again! :)

Couple days ago, I was asked a question by someone in my class. Why did my husband and I get married so young and at my age how do I know that he is the right one?!
When he first asked me, I was really surprised because I know that there are people out there that think about this but none has ever asked me. Of course, I know the answer but just surprised :O
I answered: My husband and me, knew that getting married young is very beneficial. We decided to get married young because we both wanted to grow up together. Being married is awesome because you know you have a person with whom you can find comfort, happiness, etc. Our marriage isn’t perfect, there are those moments that we get mad at each other even for small things, but knowing that, that person would never leave your side, makes you the happiest person on the planet. You can be yourself all the time. Isn’t it awesome to have someone that you don’t have to be shy around, or you can do whatever you want in your own way without a problem? Of course, you would say that “oh, but I can be like that with my best friend or girlfriend/boyfriend”, but it's not true. Let's be honest, we all know that there are some things we are afraid of talking about or doing in front of a best friend or boyfriend/girlfriend.
That’s how you know they are the right one. You feel in your heart and spirit that they are “The ONE”. All the sacrifices you do for each other, the love you show every day, and sharing the same values as you, make you sure of who is the right person. I know that Seth is “THE ONE” for me, and he will always be. The more and more months go of being married, the more I know that our marriage is an eternal journey where my husband is my eternal companion.  I wouldn’t trade my marriage for any other thing in the world.

I wanted to share this with you guys and also, never be afraid of who you are.

Thanks for reading!

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