Sunday, October 16, 2016

Another Day, Another Blessing!

                                                 Today is awesome! Here are the reasons:

     1)      Awesome morning with my lovely husband. We had breakfast, watched a movie and got ready for church on time! Lol

     2)      I gave my very first talk today in English and here in America. I had to talk about meaningful prayer and I think it went well.
     3)      I finally have some time to write on my blog and work on my website.

Last week my husband Seth and I were in Utah. It was amazing. I loved the weather and it was so awesome to meet our friends. In our time there we got to visit some law schools for my husband. We visited classes and had tours at BYU and UoU law buildings. I realized that watching movies (which is the favorite thing for my husband to do) isn’t as boring as having all your friends tell you to “grab food” every time you tell them “let’s do something fun”.  Americans!!! Lol but I seriously loved it. Besides that, the drive from AZ to UT was sooo long but it was such a great road trip with my husband. I took some pictures of beautiful places on our way back. Oh, I can wait to go back there!

                                               Here are some pictures!!!
Me and my husband at Temple Square

It is soooo true!!!
My bestfriend! My TWIN!
I could take him! 

"TASTE's" nonalcoholic vine & chocolate mousse
You should definitely visit it! 



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