Friday, November 25, 2016

Newlyweds Christmas To-Do List

Hey guys!

♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♭ It is the most beautiful time of the year...   ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♭

I know that Christmas is after Thanksgiving but I can't stop thinking about all the cute stuff Seth and I have planned to do. Btw, I just finished one of the project for Christmas decoration.
So, here is our to-do list for our first Christmas of being married.

1. Hang the lights together. This is one of my favorite. This year my husband wants to take care of outside lights,and I will take care of the inside ones. Of course, we are also going to help each other out.

2. Decorate the Christmas tree. 2 years ago Seth and I and some other missionaries decorated the Christmas tree in Lushnja branch. In my family I have always convinced my mom to put the Christmas tree earlier than everyone because its one of my favorite things to do. I have seen so many tutorials so I think with my husband's help we will have a really awesome tree.

3. Send lovely Christmas cards. Easy! I love writing and I love letters. I have started writing a letter to my husband but shttt...don't tell him that. lol

4. Watch Christmas movies. We love watching TV and movies so that's no surprise, but Seth apparently loves these movies and cartoon shows and says they are a must for this holiday season.

5. Drive to watch the Christmas lights. So romantic! We have planned to go to the Mesa Arizona Temple and of course have hot chocolate.

6. Christmas Gift Shopping. Oh!!! Lets not talk about it! Its my favorite thing!! The rush that is felt around the holidays is amazing! All the people, all the bustle and crazy noise it all is very special. Even though Seth and I work in retail it still is fun.

7. Volunteer. I am excited for this. I love volunteering and helping people, and all we have been doing lately have been looking for opportunities.

8. Open gifts on Christmas Eve. Even tho we have grown in different counties and different cultures, Seth and I have had the same tradition for this one. So, we are keeping this tradition and we will open our gifts on midnight of Christmas Eve.

9. Kiss under the mistletoe. That's a must! 

10. Listen to Christmas music. Hm...we have started listening and singing Christmas song since November started. I feel like the Spirit of Christmas gets to me so much in November because of all the wait for 11 months,and now its almost there.

11. Build a gingerbread house. We have never done this before but I have done some research and I think we will be fine. Here are some cute ideas on Pinterest if you want to take a look. 
This is my favorite so far. Click here to see where I saw it.

12. Go to the snow. Unfortunately, in Mesa doesn't snow but we are planning to go to Flagstaff and Snowbowl. And the reason why..... look #13, 14, 15.
13. Make snow angles.
14. Have snowball fights.
15. Build a snowman.       
                                               Sounds fun!!!
I remember that even in Lushnje (where I was born and grow up) never snowed, so I would always go in Mountain Dajt (which is a place 1 hour 30 mins away from Lushnje) to build a snowman and play with snow. Here is a picture of me years ago. 

16. Go caroling. This one sounds sooo much fun. I am not a good singer, let me tell you, I am horrible at singing but caroling sounds a great activity to do with my husband. We have already picked the songs. Hopefully we will be able to take videos so we can share them with you.

17. Make cookies for Santa. 
18. Write letter to Santa. 
Come on guys! I know you are laughing but let's be honest, we love being and acting like kids, don't we?!

19. Participate in a secret Santa. It is a fun game to do with friends and family. This will also be my first one.

20. Go on a carriage ride in Gilbert. Who doesn't like carriage rides?!

21. Have a better decoration than the neighbors. Sorry, this was Seth. He said that it is a competition to have the best decorations and that we are determined to have the best ones in the entire neighborhood. 

22. String popcorn. We are hoping to string enough popcorn for tree decorations. I love popcorn so I don't know if there will be enough for me to eat and string. lol :P

23. Attend/ host a Christmas party. We would love to host a Christmas party but it takes a lot of time to prepare and as I said before Seth and I work in retail so we aren't sure that we will host one. For sure, we are attending one.

24. Attend a native scene.  Couple years ago I was Mary and I loved that activity, so if you guys know any of this type of things is happening please let me know and my husband and I will be happy to attend,even if it is just watching one.

Almost done guys!!! Doesn't #24 feels like November and the Christmas will be there in a month (number in this case)?!

25. Review the birth of Christ as told in the gospels. Lastly but not least. I would say the most important. I want to invite you guys all to read it and understand the reason why we celebrate Christmas.

Here is a picture of me and Seth on Christmas 2 years ago.

I hope you enjoyed it and I cant wait to tell you guys how many of the 25th things we are going to accomplish until Christmas. Thank you so much for reading!!! 

My question for you this time is: What is your to-do list for Christmas? 

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