Sunday, December 18, 2016

Day 15 to 18 of "Light the World"


Today was such a great day!!! It was the last day at the primary for this year and we had a special walk through story of Christ’s birth and the kids loved it. Then afterwards. the children got to play chimes and I was helping some of them. It was pretty fun! We also had a meeting for primary teachers to kind of go over the plan for the new year. It was really cool and not as boring as it might sound lol. We got to know the other people in primary a lot better and we even got some cool cups with bananas saying that they would go bananas without us haha I thought it was pretty awesome. And OMG you guys I still cannot believe that Christmas is almost here… in less than a week!! Our house has started to smell and feel like Christmas and I love just sitting around and watching movies…!!! The other night I went to a Christmas block party and it was amazing. They had movies on, fire pits everywhere and roasted marshmallows with some other goodies. Seth has been working quite a lot lately so he wasn’t able to make it. Buuuut… Light the World challenge is becoming part of our life and there is not a day that we don’t do something for that. If you want to know what we have been doing for the past days read down below.

Jesus Worshipped Through Song, and So Can You! Dec 15th
That day we did caroling on the video chat with my mom. The best part of that was that we mixed some Albanian Christmas songs with some English ones. It was really fun!! Then we listened to many Christmas hymns, and my favorite Christmas hymn is “ I heard the bells on Christmas day “.What is your favorite Christmas song?

Jesus Showed Compassion, and So Can You! Dec 16th
I have mention many times that small things may seem really big things for the others. Yesterday I noticed this even more when I was trying to sit in this place and see that there was someone else just standing. I let her sit in my place and boy the joy in her face was indescribable.  I just got so happy too , and I am sure this was because I prayed to have an opportunity to show compassion.

Jesus Cared For His Mother, and So Can You! Dec 17th
I love my mom to death and I miss her sooooooo much. Today I wrote a list of all the things that my mom has done for me and I messaged that to her. One small part of what I wrote is: you brought me to life, you fed me when I was hungry, you changed me when my clothes were dirty, you helped me be who I am today, you taught me how to be strong, and overall you taught me what it means to be loved and you keep doing that even though I am married and far away. Thank you mommy!...

Jesus Honored the Sabbath, and So Can You!

Today was such an awesome day! I love Sundays because of church and I get to spend the whole day with my husband especially now that we both teach primary. Today to honor the Sabbath, we attended church and then rested. It is very important to do so, because that is the day that Lord wants us to rest, and think more about Christ and of course, to take the sacrament in remembrance of Him. So guys, I encourage you to do so because I know its really important and I have seen in my life that the more we take the sacrament, the more we get closer to God. 
Cutest ornament from Primary Presidency 
I love these!!!


                                                                                           Thanks for reading!!! :)

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