Friday, December 2, 2016

Day 2 of "Light the World"

Jesus Honored His Parents, and So can You!
Me and my mom years ago 
Heavenly Father has an eternal love for us. Even though we have a spiritual family, He wants us to have mortal parents too so we can experience the love and get another way of parenting. This morning when I woke up, I read “The Family” proclamation and I felt the Spirit so strong.
For this day I decided to honor my parents by:
         1) Sending a letter to my mom (we both did)
         2)Looking at the pictures of my mom’s and dad’s marriage and reflecting on their/my life
         3)Handwriting a small note to my father in-law

Here is what Seth wrote to my mom in Albanian (don’t worry there will be a translation down below so if you aren’t Albanian just scroll the page lol )
“O Mami! Ça të them unë? Unë jam shumë mirënjohes per ty edhe per gjithcka qe ti ke berë per mua edhe per martesën time. E di qe ishte shumë e veshtirë për ty ta lije Tean të vij ketu…Aq shumë sa nuk mund të imangjinoj dot! Por ti gjithmonë na mbështet! Po të mund të kishim nje mundësi do kisha shumë qejf që të qëndroja me ty më shumë të nihja akoma më mire. Do kishim qeshur shumë bashkë edhe Tea do ishte mërzitur shumë nga sa mire do shkonim haha. Por fatkeqshisht duhet të njihemi më mirë pak nga pak edhe me një distance shumë te madhe. E di se do kemi nje marrëdhnëje shumë të mire bashkë. Mezi po pres per ate dite qe ne mund te jemi shok te mire edhe te ngusht. Dua per ty ta dish qe ti ke qene nje nene shume e mire per Tean edhe qe ajo ka mesuar shume nga ti. Duhet te falenderoj ty çdo dite per punen qe ti ke bere. Tea eshte nje vajze e mrekulleshme! Une shpresoj qe une e Tea mund te kemi femijet kaq te mire siç ke ti Tean edhe Xhulion. Jam me shume fat qe une kam kete mudesi qe te jem nje pjese e familijes sate. Shpresoj qe nuk te zhgenjej ty asnjehere! Perpiqem çdo dite qe te jem nje burre I mire per Tean edhe te kujdesem ate ne çdo menyre edhe qe te bej ty krenare per mua. Kam shume qejf qe te vizitoj ty edhe dua per ty te jesh nje pjese e madhe ne jeten tone. Dua per ne te gjithe te rritemi si nje familije e madhe edhe te ndhimojne njeri tjetrin. Nese ka ndonjegje qe ne mund te bejme per ty dua per ty te na thuash pa ndonje shqetesim. Familijet jane me forte kur ne lehtesojme hallat qe ne te gjithe kemi. Une e besoj shume qe familija eshte gjeja me e rendesishme ne bote edhe qe duhet ta mbrojme me gjithe fuqine tone. Te dua shume mami edhe e di qe ne te gjithe do te jemi te lumtur bashke si nje familje! Zoti ju bekofte! Gjithe te mirat!
Seth “

“Oh mom! What can I say to you! I am really grateful for you and all you have done for me and my marriage. I know that it was hard for you to let Tea come here. As hard as I can’t imagine! But you always support us. If I would have an opportunity, I would have loved to stay with you more and to know you even better. We would laugh so hard, and Tea would be so mad because of how good we would get along. Unfortunately we get to know each other little by little an din a long distance. I know we will have a good relationship together. I cant wait for the day we could be best friends. I want you to know that you have been a great mother to Tea and she has learned so much from you. I have to thank you everyday for all the work you have done. Tea is an amazing girl! I hope that our children to be like Tea and Xhulio. I am so lucky to be part of your family. I hope to never disappoint you! I try every day to be a good husband for Tea and to take care of her and to make you proud of me. I really want to visit you and I want you to be a big part in our lives. I want for all of us to grow up together as a big family and help each other. If you need anything, you can tell us with no problem. Families are stronger when we lighten each other burdens. I believe that family is the most important thing in the world and that we should protect it with all of our might. I love you so much mom and I know that we will be a big happy family. God bless you! All the best.


Here is my handwriting note to my father in law:

“ To the COOLEST father in law,
Today I just wanted to thank you for being so welcomed to me.
Thank you for making me laugh all the time when I’m around you.
Thank you for all the rides you have given me.
Thank you for always being honest.
Thanks you for being my “ facebook friend” ( I love knowing that you are reading my posts)

But mostly…
Thank you for raising the man of my dreams!

I am so blessed to have you in my life. “

My favorite quote by elder Kimball: " If we truly honor our parents, we will seek to emulate their best characteristics and to fulfill their highest aspirations for us. No gift purchased from a store can begin to match in value to parents some simple, sincere words of appreciation. Nothing we could give them would be more prized than righteous living."

Question: What did you do to honor your parents today?

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