Saturday, December 3, 2016

Day 3 of "Light the World"

Jesus Helped Others to See, and So can You!
Last night, Seth and I were talking about the service we could be doing today to help those that cant see as a part of the light the world challenge. A lot of times we think that we need to consistently help others and don’t get me wrong we always should look for ways to serve our neighbor but Seth said something to me that really stuck with me. He told me that he had heard during some general conference talk, that he didn’t remember, that sometimes we need to help ourselves so that later we can be able to help others. I didn’t understand at first, but he continued by telling me a little analogy about airplanes. They always tell you that in case of an emergency where you need to put on an oxygen mask, you need to put your own mask on first, otherwise you will not be able to help others with theirs. This is the same with us! A lot of times it is hard to see the good virtues or properties of others when we sometimes can’t see them in ourselves. A lot of us in this world get bogged down by self-doubt and low self-esteem. It is important that we do not let this happen. We are all children of God who is King in heaven likewise are we princes and princesses, alright enough with the analogies hahaha. Seriously though I want every single one of you to know that you are awesome in your own way. Maybe you see it, maybe you’re still looking… but rest assured you are special.

So, long story short my husband and I decided to try and help each other out with this. We each told each other a virtue about one another that we thought that the other one may not have been able to see. Seth told me that I am a lot nicer than I think I am and have a big heart. This really warmed my soul and made me smile from cheek to cheek! I try so hard to make a difference whether it is with the blog, or at home, or in anything that I do. Sometimes I’ll admit that I don’t think I’m doing that. I think that my temper may get ahead of me sometimes or that my European bluntness comes off the wrong way lol. Hearing Seth say this brought me some new found confidence and I hope that I will be able to prove him right.

I told Seth that he is a lot better at EVERYTHING than he thinks he is. A lot of times Seth struggles with adequacies issues (he told me what that was lol). He told me that he sometimes puts on a faรงade and makes people think that he is super self-confident and arrogant when in reality he is doubting himself. I don’t see this personally but I do think that he doesn’t give himself enough credit for all the things that he’s been able to accomplish. I mean for goodness sake… He is graduating with a mouthful of a degree… here it goes… a Bachelors in Political Science with a Minor in Religious studies along with certificates in Socio-legal studies, International studies, and Religion and conflict. He is going to law school not only to get his law degree but also his MBA! Who does that?!?! I would think that he would be tired with school by now but I guess not lol. Plus he also went on a full-time mission which I know he considers his most valuable accomplishment and I am so proud that he was able to serve a faithful and honorable mission. Seth is honestly soo incredible and I am proud to call myself his wife and I hope that he always knows that. Oh, and don’t worry he told me that I was ok to put this all in the blog haha.
Just being silly :P
 Taking a more spiritual turn, I wanted to share with you guys a scripture dear to me heart that is 100% relatable to what we are talking about. John 9:1-41 explains better the story of the blind man, and I am so grateful I was able to take “The Gospels” institute class this semester. The reason why is because my favorite lesson of the entire class was this one. I remember that we talked a lot about it in the class, and I would like to focus more on two aspects of blindness. One is being really blind, and the other is when you are blind spiritually.
To explain the first part I wanted to share a video.

On the other hand, spiritual blindness can happen to a lot of us. This isn’t always something so obvious as completely turning away from God and his teachings, but often is much more subtle. It can manifest when something happens in our life and we don’t give God the due credit he deserves or fail to recognize his hand at all. Let me tell you God’s hand is everywhere if you really start to look for it! An example could be that when something good happens we forget to thank the Lord for the blessings in our life or when we get through a rough patch, thanking God for the strength to get through it. God loves us and always wants to help us but just like any parent is extremely happy when we recognize their work and is much more likely to continue to help us. But yeah guys! So that’s what we thought and did, what about you? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments! I love getting all of your guys’ feedback! 

PS. There is an app you can also download its called "Be My Eyes" , and it was amazing. I haven't have a chance to help anybody yet but you can watch videos, and share it so you can level up. Basically what you do is: you get a phone call form someone and they ask you to be their eyes by helping to find the right color of what they want to wear, or help them find something. I can't wait to help the first person. You should defs download it too!

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  1. Firstly,you are the best Tea i have ever seen๐Ÿ™ˆand secondly there was something you didn't know.You didn't know that you could inspire others with your heart,words,positivity,the way of believing,the way of loving...(doesn't end). Until you noticed me and felt so proud of yourself,right?!! So, never change and always be the best of you! Every girl is a princess beneath her but most important is to be treated like that and yes Tea. I think your husband treats you just like a princess and you should feel so unique about that!!! Wish you both the best luck!!