Monday, December 5, 2016

Day 4 & 5 of "Light the World"

Hey people it is me again :)
I am sorry about not being able to write yesterday but I made sure to share everything with you for yesterday and today.

Jesus Healed the Sick, so Can You!

This morning while we were studying our scriptures, we were reflecting on all the miracles that Jesus did by healing sick people. For example, ten lepers begged Jesus to heal them, and only one thanked Him. Or the woman who was sick but had so much faith in touching Jesus clothes. As soon as she did, Jesus saw the faith she had and healed her.
How awesome it is to know that Jesus did so many miracles on earth and He still continues to do so?!
For this day Seth and I prayed and asked God for opportunities to help those who are sick. We collected some toys for the children and because we didn’t have time to send them today we are doing it tomorrow. We spent some time learning more about mental illness as well. We learned about depression, anxiety and bipolarity. This disorders are related to excessive stress and we all know how much of a burden stress can be so let’s try to keep calm and help each other out this Holiday season!!

Jesus Honored His Father and So Can You!
On Sunday we woke up and read scriptures together. While we were reading, we were thinking on how to honor our Heavenly Father. We decided to honor God by fasting, going to church, take the sacrament, and listen to the beautiful testimonies. Seth just got a new calling!!! Now he is a Primary teacher with me and we will be with Sunbeams till the end of the year. We spent the sharing time with them and I love them all already! They are so cute. I am super excited!!! After that we visit grandma and watched the first presidency devotional. The devotional was absolutely amazing and makes me so grateful to know that we have a Prophet and Apostles that guide us through these days and give us advice for our time here and now!

Thanks for reading!

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