Thursday, December 8, 2016

Day 6, 7 & 8 of "Light The World"

It’s really late and I am just sitting here watching Gilmore Girls while I try to write my post. It’s been busy the last couple of days and I have not been able get on and write lately. I have Finals coming up as the semester winds down and work stays busy so my time has been at an all time low. Don’t worry though! Seth and I are still trying our best to light the world! Our efforts have been small but definitely worth it. I have found that doing this challenge has really brought Seth and I closer together as well as brought both of closer to God. On Tuesday Seth had his last final!! Woooooo!! I was so happy for him that he was finally done with school and that he could finally have some rest away from writing posts every day and having to think so much! Later on we ended up going to a basketball game at his old High School and they so it was awesome to see them just dominate! I had a lot more fun than I thought I would and now I think that we will go to a lot more games. In the Myers family everyone goes to basketball games, high school, college or whatever. I guess it comes from being from Indiana which I have learned is the basketball state. .
Wednesday was such a crazy day! It was Seth’s day off so we decided to get a lot of stuff that we needed to get done, done. We started at the Social Security office to get my name changed on my card now that it was changed in immigration, then we went to the DMV to get Seth a new drivers license and me an Arizona ID. Then we went to do Seth’s bloodwork, which he hated! After, it was off to ASU to add a minor to Seth’s degree and renew our parking for next year. When all of this was done, we treated ourselves to a little date night! We went and saw sooo many awesome Christmas lights. We went to two neighborhoods as well as the Mesa Temple. It was amazing being at the temple and seeing the displays reminding us of what Christmas is really all about.
Thursday, I cleaned, cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned! I felt motivated after our productive day on Wednesday to try and get all of the house straightened up. You should have seen Seth’s face when he walked in. He was so happy and proud of me. I had class later on that night but we used our down time to just enjoy being in each other’s company and rest for a little bit. I really love being with my husband.

Jesus Read the Scriptures and So Can You! Tuesday Dec. 6th
Seth came home we were able to have a small little scripture session where we read through the Christmas story in the Bible as well as the prophesies in the Book of Mormon which foretold the coming of Christ and what it meant for us and for all of mankind. It is so nice to review the Christmas story and kind of bring to focus the things that are important. Yes gifts are a big part of the year but the true importance comes from the gift that our Father in Heaven gave us! The gift of a savior on the Earth to redeem us from our sins is a gift that is indescribable and extremely powerful. Reading the scriptures will continue to remind us of this gift and what we are supposed to do during this life. It is so important to continually read our scriptures so that we can stay focused on what is really important in life.

Jesus Fed the Hungry and So Can You! Wednesday Dec. 7th
So on Wednesday we had no idea what we were going to do for this day’s challenge. We prayed hard for the Lord to put an opportunity in our path and we were so blessed when we saw it. We were driving to one of our many stops for the day and as we stopped at a red light we noticed a homeless man. He wasn’t active in asking for money but did have a sign that read “anything helps.” We decided to give him the McDonalds that we had bought for breakfast and the look in his eyes was incredible to see. It looked like he was about to cry. We were so thankful that we had that opportunity and were able to at least feed one person.

Jesus Prayed for Others, and So Can You! Thursday Dec. 8th

James 5:16 says “ Pray one for another…the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”  Heavenly Father answers prayers to His all children. It is important that we do pray that way we can communicate with Him and ask for His held and guidance but also to voice our gratitude. In order to do this, Seth and I decided to pray aloud for all of our prayers during the day. We went and prayed in a couple of restaurants though not loud enough to make a scene. When we opened our eyes after our prayers there were people looking at us, some with smiles and others with disgust. Even with both reactions I am so glad that we did it as maybe just one person could have been inspired to pray and that would make it worth it. 

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                                                                                      Thank you for reading!

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