Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Day In Our Lives

Hi guys!! In today's post I want to describe to you a busy day in our lives.

Normally, I'm the first who wakes up. I look at Seth who is sleeping and looks like an angel. I feel bad waking him up, so I say my personal morning prayer and then I stay on my phone for about 20-30 mins. First I check my Instagram and I heart every picture that is in my new feeds. After that I watch some YouTube videos from my favorite YouTubers and I check Pinterest. By that time, I realize that we both are running late for work (every day the same thing :P ), so I try and wake up Seth with bunch of kisses ^_^. We have our morning phrase which means that we should leave the bed and its "Good morning Sunshine" (with a baby voice) After that we say our morning prayer and then we head to the bathroom and wash our faces and brush our teeth. Then, while Seth takes a shower, ( I usually take a shower after work) I do my make up and my hair. After that, we both get dressed and get in the car to drive to work.
On our way to work we read aka listen to the scriptures. Neither of us is a breakfast person, but after working 2 hours and a half (from 7-9:30) we both get something small like Pringles or Snickers before Best Buy store opens. Perks of working at the same store LOL . I usually leave earlier than Seth because I am a part timer. Sometimes I have to wait for him in the break room for like an hour because we have school right after that. So, we drive up to Tempe to go to ASU and on the way there we discuss aka complain about the costumers/ co-workers. Haha
The first class we take we aren't together but the next one we take together. This year we are taking a religious class called "The Eternal Family". It's super fun with Seth :) He is a very spiritual person and can make seemingly simple subjects deep and thought provoking, but at the same time he makes jokes and keeps it fun.
After work and school is over for the day, we talk about life and all the cool things we want to do throughout our lives during the rush hour traffic. Then, sometimes we go take pictures, or go to the movies or just straight to home. There is something we always do when we are off school. We EAT. Taco Bell preferred but we change it up sometimes.

We go home, watch tv while do homework, then we write in our blog and edit pictures and then we lay down. We talk about what we are going to do the next day,prepare what we are going to wear, get our bags ready, read scriptures and a kiss goodnight!!!

I hope you guys enjoyed it and let me know if you want me to write how a day off work and school is like for us. :)

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