Thursday, January 26, 2017

Happy Spouse Day!

It’s National Spouses day!… I thought this would be a good time to take the reins from Tea a little bit and talk to y’all. This is Seth btw…. Awk if you couldn’t figure that out. So we had this crazy cool idea to do a color war in order to celebrate national spouses day and when I say we I really mean that Tea came up with the idea. I will be honest, she always thinks of the fun and creative things to do. If she asks me what is something cool that we could go do I am like uhhhh we could go to the movies… again…. For the 4rd time this week… yikes. Lol Unfortunately, I am not that creative but I am lucky to be married to a girl that is! She completes me like that and in so many other ways. I always used to think that the phrase “you complete me” was so cheesy and dramatic but being with Tea I have realized how true the phrase can really be. Anyway… back to the color war… we went and searched for powdered paint/chalk type stuff to have this war for 2hrs or so. We made it fun though by doing live videos on Instagram and playing around in the stores that we visited. When we finally found what we were looking for at Hobby Lobby, we were so excited and we found it without asking for anybody’s help so that’s an added plus! After that, it was time to prepare for war!!! I got a sock filled with the colored chalk stuff and started strategizing on how best to defeat Tea in this all out war. We went to the water basin next to my Grandmother’s house and after a few “Before” pictures it was on like donkey kong. It was an absolute blast! We had so much fun attacking each other with colors and couldn’t stop smiling and laughing. That’s what life is really about, laughing, smiling, and just generally enjoying one another’s company. We succeeded in that and in celebrating national spouses day by being together and loving every minute of it! I cant wait to continue to have tons of crazy adventures with this beautiful girl that I call my wife. Being married to her is so fun because I really am married to my best friend. No matter what, everything is better when we are together and that is what being married is supposed to be like no matter what anybody tells you. 


PS. We will post a video in the next post!! :) 

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