Friday, February 3, 2017

A Year in 'Murica

Guys!!! Next week marks my one year that I have been here in America!! What a great and intense year though!!!
I still remember the first day I came here and everything was a shock for me. Now, honestly guys, it feels like I have been here my entire life. Today I thought to share with you some funny and cool things I have learned in my time in America.

1.    There is always FOOD everywhere and anytime!

For Americans, food is like the most important thing to have, and they have EVERY KIND of food. Even though there is a variety of food, I still miss my Albanian food. lol Out of all of the foods though, hamburger would probably be my favorite American food.  

2.    Americans are very patriotic!

 There is a different thing in American patriotism. They aren’t patriot just for the country, but they are also very patriotic of their schools. Like my husband, Seth, still goes to his high school’s basketball games and roots for them and so do I now. I’m a cougar and I really mean it, BYU is just the best team out there.

3.    America is YUGE!!!

                                                  Enough said.

4.    Everything is sooooo far away!

There is nothing you can do here in America without a car. Everything is at least 15 mins away (driving). I seriously miss having to walk to school, church etc. I could probably walk the whole city I was born in 40 mins.

5.    Americans aren’t just those white, blonde hair and blue eyes guys.

When I first came, I was shocked from all the culture, and diversity of people here. I have come to an understanding that the term American isn’t just for white people with blonde hair, but it is for all those people that are born here, or the ones that want to be true to America.

6.    Americans don’t like when people speak in another language in front of them!

They think its rude and they say that it is really easy for them to think that you are talking about them, which you are not but yeah don’t speak another language!

7.    Arizona is the hottest state in the world(not true but it’s really hot!

Yesterday February 1st it went up to 80°F L . Our cars ac is broken but now it’s the time to get it fixed because gosh last summer was super hoot!!!!

8.    Over all, America is awesome because gives opportunity to everyone, no matter if its for school, work and other things. I have totally loved the time here and I can't wait to see whats next for later years.

                                                                                                          Thanks for reading :)

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