Friday, February 17, 2017

Valentines Week-end

This year, our Valentine's Day was a blast. Seth and I decided to not get any presents for each other but instead spend the money on going away and just being the two of us for couple of days. We had a reservation at Arizona Grand Resort & Spa. We upgraded our suite to a bigger one and gosh it was amazing! It had a big living room and a small bar with a fireplace. It also had a beautiful big room with a king bed and a very big bathroom with TWO sinks. It was very nice and we spent two days there. We got body massages, went for walks, watched the sunset and had a fancy romantic dinner. We didn't have a chance to take lots of pictures there but here is a selfie.

Buuuuuuuuut..... This isn't all my sweet husband had prepared for us. Unfortunately, we had to work on Tuesday (Valentine's Day). Regardless the most beautiful thing happened to me. Someone with a vase of flowers and a pink cute balloon came to my work and it was for me!!! Seth was working too so I get to hug him as soon as I got the flowers. It was sooo romantic and thoughtful of Seth! ^_^ 
He has been wanting to get this video game that came out not that long ago so I bought that for him and he was so excited. After that we went to take pictures, had dinner and we went to the movies. 
This Valentine's Day was amazing!! 

My outfit is all from Forever 21. The shirt is a plain white tee that I really really like it even though it is so simple. The skirt is the cutest I have, and it's only $23. You can find it by clicking here. Also, let's not talk about my shoes!! I love them soo much! 

What do you guys think about my outfit? How was your Valentine's Day? Let me know in the comments below.

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