Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Outfit of the Day

Hey sweets!

Today was one of those days that I feel that all girls need! I just felt like I needed to do my make up, wear a cute and comfy outfit and get my Starbucks favorite drink. Of course all of that work calls for a photo-op soo That's what I did :) I got my loving husband Seth to come along with me and take some pictures.. in return he got some Starbucks :p

I never thought I would be so addicted with this drink from Starbucks.Seth claims he is the creator of this drink and even if that's not true he still is awesome for finding it! It has 1/3 of Strawberry Acai , 1/3 Very Berry Hibiscus and 1/3 Lemonade. I know its super complicated but I love it and its totally worth it! A couple weeks ago, I got a suggestion to try the Strawberry Acai with coconut water and guys let me tell you, it was DELICIOUS! The biggest difference between these two drinks is that the one with lemonade is a little bit more sour so its all about what you are in the mood for because both drinks are absolutely awesome.

Plain White Tee | Forever 21|
Stretchy Jeans | Charlotte Russe|
Plaid T-Shirt | Forever 21|
Shoes | Shop Stevie

 Alright, so now on to the important stuff.... let's talk about my outfit. I decided to go with something comfy and cute, so I wore this plain round neck shirt (every girl should have one) from Forever 21. These jeans are stretchy ones and to make it look kind of better and to make it a little bit more casual I tied this plaid button-up around my waist. About my bag.... I did't even know... I had this bag in the back of my closet but it fit perfectly because matched the color of shoes and jeans. These cute boots are from Shop Stevie.

Here is a close look of the shoes and the bag 

I am not a big hair person. I always straighten my hair and that's it.. but today I don't know from what I got inspired and I curled it and I did a small high pony tail. I used the Big Sexy Hair hair spray, its my favorite. I sprayed it over the curls and a little bit into my roots to give more volume and boy it did give a lot of volume! This hair spray is magical.

                                                 That's my post for today guys, I hope you liked it! As always, thanks for reading!!

PS. Photo Credit : Seth Myers (my one and only) <3 

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