Saturday, May 6, 2017



When we were planning on getting married, even when we did get married, people kept saying that the first year of marriage is going to be hard but I don't think so. We got adjusted to each other so fast and it just feels like we have lived together our entire lives. Seth is such an awesome guy and so easy to live with. He is the sweetest, as long as we are watching his tv shows ;) jk

Here are some other things besides the happy stuff mentioned above that I feel like sharing with you guys:

-Adulting is tough. Doing all the paperwork in the correct way,paying bills, paying taxes,making sure that we are doing good on budgeting, working 40 hours every week while going to school...not fun...

-My fear of being a "perfect wife" is gone. When I first got married, I always feared what Seth would think of the meal I made or the house when I cleaned it, but now I just feel comfortable for the things I do, no matter how good or bad they end up lol. 

-I have gained a lot of weight here and yet I cant stop eating Taco Bell. My "diet" trys and always fails...Suggestions are much appreciated.

-Start writing things down. It doesn't need to be in the blog, even a notebook helps. It is so nice to go back and remember all the good/bad/sad/happy times and how much you have changed and grown. It is super fun.

-Be smart with the money and save as much as you can every paycheck. Its better to have enough for a bad situation rather than getting in debt.

This year went by so fast, I still cant believe its been A YEAR! I have loved every moment of it, and its been my favorite year yet. I don't know how I got so lucky to marry Seth. We have a lot waiting to do since we are moving soon, but we are taking every opportunity as a new adventure. Life is great! 1 year down, FOREVER TO GO!!! 

Ps. What you read in the list of shows and movies isn't the full one. Its about 1/4th. lol

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