Friday, June 30, 2017


Yes guys, you got this right! It's my 20th BIRTHDAY!!!
I had a fun photoshoot with Robyn from Robyn Bird Photography (check out her website right here). She is the sweetest.

Before I say hello to my 20 year old self , I want to look back and think of how great of a year this one was. This year was filled with so much joy moments and maybe some bitter ones but I am grateful for all of them. For this post I wanted to share some of the goals I have for this 20th birthday so scroll down for them :)

1. Write down two positive things about each day.
There are hard days that we all go through but for me it is important that we stay positive, so instead of complaining I would love to be more positive and by writing down what I am grateful for each day will make me realize that life doesn't suck.

2. Run a half marathon.
Before starting working out like crazy this past month, I hadn't exercised for a while. When I started running on the treadmill and just exercising like  I have been doing, I remembered how much I miss running so my goal is to register for a half marathon wherever we move.

 3. Prepare my meals.
The reason why Seth and I end up eating fast food is because when we are off from work or school we are so tired, who wants to cook/ prepare a meal at home when you get it ready in 2 minutes? But fast food is so bad for us, and that's why i want to prepare my meals ahead so we don't have to end up to fast foods.

4. Cut back on sugar. 
If you ask people that know me well, they know what would make my life better every second. Sweet stuff like chocolate, desserts and all that stuff. You are probably thinking that everyone is like that and yeah you're are right about that, but I am extreme way more than other people when it comes to that. I order the biggest dessert at the restaurants we go (sometime I order it first before my food) , every family dinner I start with the dessert. It is very bad!

5. Stop falling asleep on my phone. 
As much as I hate to admit, I do this all the time even when I am reading a book. It has become like a night routine and its not the one I want. Hopefully by having this as a goal it will help me get rid of this habit.

6.Start a morning routine.  
Morning routines are hard for me since all my shifts start at 7 am, but I would love to wake up early and go to the gym and then start my day.

7. Attend a blogger meet up event.
I have been invited a couple of times but I have never been able to go to one, so I want to make it a priority this year.

8. Learn a new talent or skill.
I can speak a lot of languages , I can set goals, but there are a lot of things that maybe would be beneficial if i learn them. If you guys have any suggestion, send them my way!

9. Skin care routine.
I feel like skin is a very important in my life right now and I am not putting all the effort to take care of it, that's why I have decided to invest more time and money on it this year.

10. Do something that scares me.
Everyone who knows me that I am scared from a lot of things lol I am scared of heights the most so maybe I will go skydiving ;)

11. Cook more. 

12. Blog more.
Blog is very important in my life, and I get so mad when life gets so busy all the sudden and can't find the time to write all the posts I had planned.

13. Define my style. 
I love cleaning out my wardrobe, once I do that  I want to overhaul my style.

14. Design my blog.
I keep changing the design but its not quite how I want it so why not redesign it?!

15. Take more pictures. 
There are moments in my life that I wished I had a picture of. Every moment its important and I want it captured :)

16. Stick with the diet I'm doing right now.
Basically avoid fast food, and count the calories.

17. Talk more often to my family.

18. Try new foods.
Alright, I will admit. I am very picky when it comes to food. I am not used to all the foods here in America and sometimes I think its a waist of money if I get something that I might not like. But this happened with Chipotle until i tried it after Seth begging me and its tots my favorite place to eat.
                                                                                                       (almost there guys!!)

19. Read scriptures with Seth and by myself every morning. (even when I'm in a rush)

20. Live this year to the fullest with the love of my life, Seth.

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