Sunday, August 27, 2017

We Moved to.... + Picnic Date!

This past two weeks have been super crazy! We drove through 5 states , straight through (stupid decision ever but its alright) ,  took us almost three days to come to Valparaiso, Indiana.  The reason why we're here, is because Seth is going to Valpo Law School. That's super exciting and I'm very proud of him for accomplishing his biggest dream.

Valpo has treated us well. It is way different that any place we have lived before. It's a small city and very green. First day we came here I was freezing, so different from AZ here is cold and the summer hasn't been hot at all. The is a lot to do here like picnics, go on walks,bike rides and to be honest I love that! Seth and I go on walk every time we can (school has started and we don't have that much time to do a lot). He / we have made a couple of good friends and everybody knows me at the Law School because I stay there at the cafe or the library do my homework and study. :P Plus, Seth has introduced me to all his professors and friends. 

Every Saturday we plan 3 hours  of the day for our date. Last week we went to a fancy restaurant here and then to our favorite place, the movies. This week we planned on having a picnic to a beautiful place full of grass right next to the Law School. We made sandwiches at home, brought some fruit and chips with us, and of course coke. Cheat day also ;) We also brought our little speaker and listened to music while we were there talking. This picnic was awesome! I loved every second of it. It is always nice to spend time with your hubby without thinking of homework, and other stuff that worries us during the week. Here are some pictures from yesterday:

                                                                                                                            My outfit:
                                                                           Jeans: Levi's 711 Skinny Jeans  , color: Stereo Sound, size 25
                                                                                                       Shirt: Basic Levi's shirt , size: S

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