My Land

Like you guys might know already, I am from the Land of Albania.

The Flag of Albania

Being here in America, makes me miss Albania and the people over there so much.
Albanians are known as very welcoming people. When we have people coming over to our places, we always "qeras" (treat) them. This is one of so many traditions that we have.

Food... Oh I miss Albanian food so much!!! Some of tradition foods are: byrek (pie), qofte te mbushura (stuffed meatballs), fasule (beans) etc. The most delicious food tho is sufllaqe (gyro). We made sure to had it in our wedding too! lol

Beautiful places everywhere you go and that's why you should definitely visit it. Some of the places I suggest are: Berat caste, Apollonia, Blue Eye, Sazan Island, Vlora

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